30 October 2011



Trick-or-treating in Oak Park was always such a huge deal, and we had absolutely no idea what to expect here. The houses are far apart, and most of our neighbors are old. Thankfully, we were told that the block up the street was THE place to go trick-or-treating, so that's where Brian and the boys headed. After sitting in our house for an hour, waiting for at least one trick-or-treater to even show, I was so relieved when Brian called to say the boys were having a blast, and there were hundreds of people out. I sat out a bowl with candy, and high-tailed it up there myself. He was right -- it was unbelievable. I have no idea how that particular street ended up being the trick-or-treating mecca of Fox Point, but it is. Unfortunately, it started raining quite hard, so the boys were cold and miserable. Trick-or-treating didn't last long, but they seem totally content. By the way, you may have noticed that H started out as the Headless Horseman. By the time he left, the mask was bothering him so he went as Dracula. Without the fake teeth because both his other pairs broke.

28 October 2011

The Great Pumpkin Display


A friend mentioned that Whitefish Bay has a Great Pumpkin Display each year, so the boys and I decided to check it out. They provide free pumpkins which can be carved there, and put on display. Maybe next year we'll do that. There's also food (from Jack Pandl's) and music. We only stayed a little bit, but it was really kind of cool.

Hiking with Maia and Nina


H and I loved Lion's Den Gorge so much when we went a couple weeks ago, that we thought it would be fun go back to show my niece and mom, who came to visit us today. They really liked it too. It was awesome hearing H talk about how much he enjoyed going on hikes (Lion's Den today was his idea). C was a trooper too. He was still on the look out for bees, and had his snake stick in case any pesky garden snakes made their appearance. All we found was a little fuzzy caterpillar. But it was a really beautiful day for a visit.

27 October 2011

Jack o' lanterns


Since the boys had off of school -- and we had to wait around all morning for the internet company to come -- we thought today would be perfect for carving the pumpkins we picked up at the apple orchard. It's hard to believe that last year at this time, we were just getting back from Germany and barely had enough time to even carve our pumpkins. My gosh, a lot has happened in that year. Anyhow, they turned out pretty cute. H carved alien eyes. And I helped C, who made the smallest face on the largest pumpkin. Here they are:


Aren't they scary?

Tooth #2 ... Missing


Less than two weeks after C lost his first tooth, another one goes missing. Sweet!

26 October 2011

Halloween Parade


The boys have off of school the next couple days, so today was the costume parade and their Halloween celebrations. H is going to be the headless horseman. He couldn't wear it to school though because it was too gruesome. (Can I hear a big 'ole "LAME!"). Instead, he wore the cape only, we bought him some fangs for 25 cents, and he went as Dracula. He's not really one for dressing up, so it was fine. C's costume is the spider monkey from Ben 10. Don't worry -- I have no idea what that is either. His costume used to have a tail and shoulder pads too. The tail and one of the shoulder pads went missing in the giant leaf pile at the Halloween party we went to, so we just ripped off the other shoulder pad too. I told C he looked scared in the parade. He said he was just nervous.

It's funny being the new person at a school. Halloween was such a big deal in Oak Park and something I totally looked forward to. The boys had a little celebration in the class, but that was it. No goodie bags. Teachers barely dressed up, if at all. Parents didn't dress up (everyone except my friend Tami, that is -- thank goodness for Tami -- not that I dress up or anything either, so who am I to talk.....). The parents were invited to come to the parade, but we were crammed in the gym and had to stand behind orange cones. (And man, was it roasting hot in that gym). I tried my best to get a picture of the boys, but they rushed by so quick, this was the best I could do. Now, all this being said, it's really just me wining a little. It was still fun to see, and the kids had a blast. In fact, H loved it -- probably because he's a Halloween Scrooge, so was happy it was low-key.

22 October 2011

Halloween in Delafield


Each year, Delafield has a big Halloween Celebration. We stopped to check out the pumpkins on the way back from the store, and realized it was trick-or-treating around to the businesses! Of course, the kids couldn't wait to go. Thankfully my mom & dad happen to keep these hats & creepy masks stashed away at their house. I never knew how handy they would be, but the kids sure did get a lot of compliments!

Soccer Saturday


Both boys had soccer games out in my old stomping grounds - Wales, Wisconsin. It worked out great, especially since my parents just got home earlier in the week from Florida. Of course, as soon as I found out they would be around, I invited the boys and myself over for dinner, so they were stuck with us all day. We all had a great time. Even the dog, who I dropped off at their house earlier so he could frolic around as well. Every time I drove into their driveway, we had to stop for deer. They were amazing, and I never get tired of watching them. We also came across several wild turkeys which are sure are ugly, but amazing. Regarding soccer, H's team won, C's lost. It's kind of how it's been going. Both boys played great today, and H even scored a goal, which makes it three this season. Seriously, in past years, his record was one goal ever, so it's pretty fun watching him progress like he has this year. As soon as the game was over, the kids on his team ran over to a giant hill. They must have been eyeing it the entire game because they just took off as soon as the game was over. After a little break, it was C's turn to play. His team worked really hard, and had some incredible moments. C had several great passes, and worked his little bottom off trying to get a goal. Tomorrow we have another jam packed soccer day.

21 October 2011

And Off He Goes ....

Me and my adorable family at the Project Pablove event a couple weeks ago

I just got back from dropping Brian off at the airport so he could fly to Nashville for the start week 3 of Pablove Across America -- which kicks off tomorrow. I've been watching the dedication videos daily, and my heart hurts more and more. I can't imagine telling your child -- who you've been telling to fight hard and be strong -- to let go, your time has come and we'll all be fine. I just can't. When you look into the eyes of parents who have gone through this, you can't help but notice something a little different about them. Something that says they have seen and know more than they ever should. And the kids fighting cancer! Well, they are just amazing. As we were going to the airport, we saw a Make-A-Wish limo drive by. Yet another person with story -- it happens far too often. We are going to miss Brian a ton during this next week, but are so proud of him. Go Brian! (bpettit.stayclassy.org)

16 October 2011

Lion's Den Gorge


Back when Chris & Penny came for a visit, the boys had gone on a bike ride and stumbled upon Lion's Den Gorge. Brian's been wanting to take us back there for awhile, and today seemed like the perfect day. It was breathtaking. The trails were perfect for a family hike. The weather was amazing. Lake Michigan had crystal clear water. I can't believe something like this is only 20 minutes away!

Halloween Bash


Each year, our friends have a Halloween bash. It's in their backyard, and the neighbor's. This year, over 270 people came. We all came with a bag of candy, which got dumped into a giant leaf that the kids went wild searching for. Brilliant! Since these are new-since-we-moved friends, we had no idea what we were in for. Most every one was in costume except us, who dressed up as Losers (i.e. no costumes). Next year, I'll know. It was an absolute blast. And close enough that we even walked there.

15 October 2011

Apple Picking


This morning we met up with the Schwebels at Barthel Fruit Farm for some apple picking. Do you know what? I don't think I've been apple picking before. Isn't that crazy? It was so much fun. We picked Honeycrisp and Golden Delicious. The boys also picked two pumpkins (at $2 each, they were a total deal). And the apples .... are amazing -- a fact I may or may not know based on the number of them I ate along the way.

The Tooth Fairy Strikes Again


Look who lost his first tooth today! He's so excited. Almost two months after his seventh birthday. What can I say, we have late tooth losers.