26 October 2011

Halloween Parade


The boys have off of school the next couple days, so today was the costume parade and their Halloween celebrations. H is going to be the headless horseman. He couldn't wear it to school though because it was too gruesome. (Can I hear a big 'ole "LAME!"). Instead, he wore the cape only, we bought him some fangs for 25 cents, and he went as Dracula. He's not really one for dressing up, so it was fine. C's costume is the spider monkey from Ben 10. Don't worry -- I have no idea what that is either. His costume used to have a tail and shoulder pads too. The tail and one of the shoulder pads went missing in the giant leaf pile at the Halloween party we went to, so we just ripped off the other shoulder pad too. I told C he looked scared in the parade. He said he was just nervous.

It's funny being the new person at a school. Halloween was such a big deal in Oak Park and something I totally looked forward to. The boys had a little celebration in the class, but that was it. No goodie bags. Teachers barely dressed up, if at all. Parents didn't dress up (everyone except my friend Tami, that is -- thank goodness for Tami -- not that I dress up or anything either, so who am I to talk.....). The parents were invited to come to the parade, but we were crammed in the gym and had to stand behind orange cones. (And man, was it roasting hot in that gym). I tried my best to get a picture of the boys, but they rushed by so quick, this was the best I could do. Now, all this being said, it's really just me wining a little. It was still fun to see, and the kids had a blast. In fact, H loved it -- probably because he's a Halloween Scrooge, so was happy it was low-key.

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