07 October 2011

Pablove Shutterbugs Show


It's the big kick off week for the Pablove Across America ride. Our friend Jeff, who founded the organization with his wife, came in last week. We were lucky enough to go out for dinner with him earlier this week. The boys were so funny. We have talked about Pablo, and Jeff, a lot. They were excited to ask him about California. C asked if he was famous. Cute stuff like that. As you know, Brian's riding the third week, from Nashville to New Orleans. Last night, his company hosted Project Pablove, an art show at the studio featuring some photos from the Pablove Shutterbugs (a program that gives kids living with cancer a creative voice through photography). They also had a Tshirt station set up, where people could choose a shirt, one of two awesome designs, and haveit made for them right there. Our friend "Old Man Malcolm" did a little spinning. Maritime played a little acoustic set. It was a pretty awesome night. I had the boys with, so couldn't stay super late. But we had a great time. I think the boys were pretty impressed by their dad. There was lots of love in the air all around. (P.S. It's not too late to donate to Brian's ride, and he still has a way to go. Really, every bit big or small helps. bpettit.stayclassy.org)

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