31 August 2011

Gone Fishin'


Brian took off for the boy's last day of summer vacation. It was supposed to be a guy's day -- just the three boys, on a row boat, fishing. But C really wanted me to go too (H on the other hand, said he's been spending too much time with me). Let me just say, fishing is not my favorite things in the world. But I figured it would be nice to do. We've done a ton of stuff this summer, but really haven't done anything, just the four of us. I figured it would be nice to do, so once I got the ok for invading the guy trip, it was a done deal. I was going on the fishing trip too. Of course, now that we had four people, our little row boat needed to be upgraded to a pontoon boat. But in hindsight, I think there may have been problems if it were the three of them on a little boat.


In fact, the first part of the trip consisted of C freaking out over bees, wanting his blanket, and just saying over and over that he wanted to go home. He was not a happy camper. It was very irritating to the rest of us.


He finally started playing with the worms instead -- giving them belly rubs, and such -- and his mood thankfully shifted.


H of course, could fish all day. He was so excited to be out on the lake. Brian had gone on a bike ride a couple weeks ago and passed by Whitewater Lake. He thought it would be the perfect place to go, and it was. Except ....


after five hours on the lake, this is how many fish we caught! We saw some jumping. We had some nibbles. But we didn't end up pulling any fish out of the lake.


But that didn't matter. We still had fun, and even went swimming a bit. The lake was really deep! So we didn't spend a ton of time in the water. But it wasn't freezing, and considering it ended up being a beautiful, 85 degree day out, it felt great. Plus, you know any day was great when the car ride home looks like this:


30 August 2011

It's Time


See this picture? It was taking in the middle of the day. When the boys should be running around and playing outside. But no. They have become very, very lazy. School starts in two days, and I honestly think it may be time. I love the carefree nature of summer. The late nights, staying in PJs until noon, heading to the beach , swimming in the lake, or meeting family and friends whenever we want. It will be missed. At the same time, I think we may be ready for some structure. Today we got to go to school, visit the kid's new classrooms, meet the new teachers, and drop off all of their supplies. Let's just say, I think they both are going to have great years. It's sad to see summer come to an end, but it's also very exciting.

29 August 2011

Happy 7th Birthday, C!


See this boy? This is my baby. My baby who turned 7 years old today. I really just can't believe it. He's awesome, and stubborn, and funny, and a challenge. For example, today we decided to go for a walk after dinner. He got to walk the dog, and started doing goofy things and simply not listening, so we told him he couldn't walk Storm any more. He got mad, just let the dog on the leash go, and stood in the middle of the road, refusing to walk. This happened a block from our house. They are little things, but things that happen on a daily basis, multiple times a day. Nothing can be easy or uncomplicated. The next minute, he'll turn around and say something so funny and clever, and you can't help but laugh. Let's just say, I absolutely can't imagine our world without this little guy. I adore him to no end.

Last year I did a little Q & A with him, and thought I'd ask the same questions. Fortunately, he agreed to answer them.

Favorite color: purple
Favorite food: hard shell tacos
Favorite drink: apple juice
Favorite toy: Storm (our dog ... isn't that just great)
Favorite TV show: Power Rangers
Favorite subject in school: I don’t know
Favorite animal: big fat pigs
Favorite sport: soccer
Favorite day of the week: Sundays (because you can have sundaes - answer hasn't change, but I'm not sure I've ever made sundaes on Sunday. Not a bad concept!)

To celebrate C's birthday, Nina and my sister's kids came for a visit. We had sushi for lunch (well, C and I did -- the others had Hibachi). It was so fun. He even got "Happy Birthday" sung to him, which was hilarious. Then we went hiking at the Schiltz Audubon Nature Center. I had been wanting to go all summer, and it was really great. Smaller trails, perfect for the little ones, but really lovely. I can't believe stuff like this is right in our backyard. Next, we went to Winkie's, which C had been talking about all day long since it's his favorite store in the wold wide world. Scott & Ali had gotten him a gift certificate there -- it couldn't have been a more perfect birthday present. We had dinner at home, but like every year, C picked out what he wanted -- steak and lobster. Happy birthday C! I know there are so many great things that lie ahead for you this year, and I hope all of your wishes come true. 


28 August 2011



Our new home was built by an architect named John Randal McDonald. I had never heard of him before we were looking for homes, but he's a fairly well-known guy who's organic style is similar to Frank Lloyd Wright's. Obviously, we are big fans. Today, there was a gathering of JRM homeowners, family and friends in Racine, Wisconsin at a home called the Trilogy House (it's for sale, by the way). The home, was simply spectacular. Unfortunately, these photos don't even do it justice. Loser (me) forgot my camera today so had to take all the pictures with my phone. Can you even believe it? But more than anything, it was so great meeting other admirers of McDonald's work, and fellow homeowners. We even met some neighbors who are a block away, and who's house we drive by all the time -- we had thought it could possibly the same architect, but didn't know for sure. But whenever we drive by, we always say how it's one of our favorites in the area. Turns out they even have a daughter who is just starting to babysit, so double score. Looking forward to next year's gathering!

27 August 2011

Birthday Party for a C

It's hard to believe that my little boy is turning 7 this week. We had a little back yard party today to celebrate, spent with all of most of our family and Scott, Ali & A. The theme was Camp C. We had trail mix, pigs in a blanket, ants on a log, gummi bugs, tin foil dinners, wine in a box, beer in a can, corn, watermelon, and s'mores cupcakes. Yum! To C, a party isn't a party without a pinata. This year's, was a tent. Between our nephews, it only took a few whacks to break open, but A had a grand time hitting it well after all the candy had come out! The boys also set up real a tent in the back yard and are camping out tonight. We opened up the invitation to everyone, but the only taker was my niece. She is such a trooper. They watched a movie and ate popcorn. Of course, the birthday boy decided to be a crab and is already inside sleeping in his bed. But I am wishing the others (including B) a peaceful night among the stars.




Brian and I set our alarms this morning to 4:45 a.m., and were out of the house by 5:30 to drive to Sheboygan (the boys were at my parent's house). In fact, it was pitch black out when we left, but we did get to see the most amazing sunrise, which almost made it worth it. The reason for our early morning? Brian was competing in an Xterra -- something he has always wanted to do -- and I was there to watch and cheer him on. The Xterra is a triathlon, but it's off-road, meaning you use a mountain bike and trail run.


There were just a little over 100 signed up for the event. It actually made it really nice and laid back compared to other races. There were three waves total. Brian was in one wave, while Chris, Chris's friend Ed, and Brian's co-worker Dave, were all in the other. And then there was a small wave of women. The top woman finished 14th overall, by the way.


The swim looked long to me, but from what everyone said, it was actually really nice. Next came the mountain biking. Brian technically is a very strong rider. Unfortunately, he just hasn't been training like in the past, so I could tell he was hurting. Still, I think it was really fun for him.


And then there was a 4-mile (steep) trail run before the finish. All the guys did great. Chris came in second in his age group! Next came Ed, who hasn't been on a mountain bike for years (in fact, he used one of Brian's). And there was Dave, who this was his second triathlon ever. And Brian finished strong, and gets to say he did something he's always wanted to do. I think he came in 44th overall, which really is pretty great. Congratulations! Too bad we are throwing a party tonight, because all this spectating really makes me want to take a nap.


25 August 2011

Front Row Seats


We are having a little bit of landscaping done. I guess trucks never get old for little boys.

24 August 2011

Lunch with Dad


The last time H got his hair cut was right after we moved in (in April). His hair is looking awesome, by the way. But he really wanted to get it cut before he starts school next week. We met Brian at work today, and he and H went to get their hair cut together. Cute, and they both look really handsome. Of course, I don't have a picture. Afterwards, we went to the Milwaukee Public Market for a quick lunch. The boys wanted fish, so we ended up at St. Paul Fish Company. Brian and I had lobster rolls, and H has the fried perch. C just split all of ours -- although, he really wanted the lobster dinner. (Whenever he wants anything right now, he pulls the "please, for my birthday...." Can't believe we have to listen to this for a week.) Anyhow, he was happy with a piece of fish and some of our sandwich. A little bit of a splurge for lunch, but it really was excellent.

Of course, C had to do some photo documenting of his own as well:


(Sue the Grouper -- I can't imagine eating a grouper sandwich with her floating next to you! She doesn't look very happy either.)

21 August 2011

Bike Ride

This evening, we went on a little bike ride to the park. C's first time riding alone on the road. Always a bit nerve-wrecking since he's still very wobbly. But he did great. Not sure why it's taken this one so long to be interested in riding his bike. H can ride for hours, and cruises all over our neighborhood streets.