30 May 2009

20th Anniversary

C's school -- the one H graduated from last year -- celebrated it's 20th anniversary this weekend. Today was the big block party, and it was a blast. There were bouncy houses, an ice-cream stand, gourmet coffee, popcorn, bands and even a balloon guy. The boys also got to ride in the front of a fire truck. It was amazing.

Celebrating Grandpa

Friday was my grandfather's memorial service in Wisconsin. He was 82, had a good life and was very active until the end. It was nice having a day of remembrance, and hearing the stories from family, friends and even people who worked for him years ago. He knew how to talk to anyone and have a good time. We rode his prized Cadillac to the service and the kids balanced spoons on their noses -- one of his not-so-hidden talents. We ended with a fish fry down the road from his house. It was a good day, celebrating a man who will be missed.

28 May 2009

Something Smells Funny

I'm not even going to get into the story, but let's just say, we are having sewer issues. One that resulted in a flooded basement and a 1:00 am sewer rooting call a couple nights ago, as well as concern of a more serious problem. We had another plumbing company out today for a second opinion. Good news is, it probably isn't as bad as we thought -- however, they are still recommending a major sewer project to be done on our home. Total bummer. But I did manage to get a good laugh by their truck though (see above). Now, that's some funny sh*t.


(Daffodil by H)

Yesterday was an award ceremony for 1st grade at H's school. Here's the certificates he came home with:

Good Character || Community, spirit & outstanding participation
Outstanding Citizenship || Always on task, follows directions, respectful and responsible
500 Club Scrolls || I'm still not sure what this is
Worm Club || His morning reading group

From my understanding, most of the kids get these awards. But he was, nonetheless, very pleased ... as he should be.

27 May 2009

The World According to C

C got a hold of my camera the other night. Besides the self portrait, here are some of the pictures he captured.

26 May 2009

Homemade Bread ... Yum

Over the years, Brian's tested out several bread recipes. All have been good, but he's determined to master the perfect bread -- kind of like my new quest for homemade pasta. After a conversation and demo from our French friends (and incredible bread makers) who live down the street over the weekend, he produced several amazing loaves late last night. I'm actually not a huge bread eater, but nothing beats bread from scratch, and I can't stop eating it. So good.

25 May 2009

Summary Of Our Weekend

A self-portrait by C ... H and Storm crashed on the sofa. It sure was fun. Exhausting, but fun.

Memorial Day Parade

24 May 2009

Constructor Craft Fair

Today's the 2nd Annual Constructor Craft Fair. We headed over bright and early this morning, and did our share to help support some local businesses.
It's open until 6 pm, so stop on over if you can!

23 May 2009

Ice Cream Break

Our neighbors to the south had their block party and yard sale today. We spent the entire day riding bikes and playing in the street. Such fun.

22 May 2009

Cooking with Melissa

Each year, H's school has a Fun Fair. And our friend Melissa donates a cooking class for eight for the auction. This year, we hosted it at our house -- and it was a blast. It was great meeting some new people, spending time with others I've met only once or twice before -- and it goes without saying, Melissa's cooking is always amazing. She made (with everyone's help) Lime Scented Scallops; Mango and Mint Sushi Rolls; Poached Chicken with Watermelon and Feta; Salmon, Asparagus and Israeli Couscous; Shrimp Corn Dogs (omg); and Sugar and Cinnamon Donuts with Coffee Sauce. It was a great evening.

20 May 2009

Nice Day

Today was such a nice day. 80 degrees and sunny. During lunch, I just had to get out, so took a walk to view the new Modern Wing at the Art Institute of Chicago from the Lurie Garden. It looks pretty amazing, and I can't wait to actually go inside. (By the way, it's free this week -- don't think I'll make it back to go inside, but if you can, you should.)

Above: $3.99 flowers from Trader Joe's -- they make me happy.

19 May 2009

The Ice Cream Truck Drove By ...

so the boys did a little dance.


On the way home from school, C pulled two seeds out of his pocket. It seems he saved them from his orange at lunch today, and he wanted to plant them in the back yard. He ran right into the garden, dug a hole, planted, then watered the seeds for his orange tree. We are also "growing" a plum tree thanks to C.

18 May 2009

Me in a Tree

Mom in a Tree, by C

This picture got a little greased up somehow en route from school to home, but I think it's too funny. It's me (I'm the turquoise one with hair), in a tree. And those three little things floating around it? Those are butterflies. Gosh, I love this stuff.

17 May 2009

Hole in the Wall

Tonight we enjoyed a nice little walk, and the first visit of the season to our local ice-cream shop. H couldn't finish his, so even Storm got a lick. Here's a close-up for your viewing pleasure.

16 May 2009

Galena Triathlon

We just enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Galena, Illinois. We had never been there before, and I have to say, it was a really neat little town. And the scenery was amazing. It was rolling hills for miles, filled with farms (which I love) and fields. Beautiful. We went with our friends The Frigs to watch Brian and Chris compete in the Galena Triathlon. I have to admit, as beautiful as those rolling hills were to look at, I thought the guys were nuts to ride bikes and run up and down them. And yes, there was a swim! In freezing cold water. Turns out, the water was warmer than the air, so it wasn't too bad. We waited by transition 2 and the finish line to cheer them on. Brian and Chris both looked strong and did really well. Brian finished in 1:57:16. We had a great time. And, I can't wait to get back to Galena some day.

(P.S. We ate dinner at Fried Green Tomatoes, lunch after the race at One Eleven Main and stayed at the Ramada, which was perfect for a night with the kids because they have a huge indoor pool -- however, there are a ton of B&Bs which I'm sure are more charming.)

14 May 2009

Art by H: Circles

Color Circles by H

13 May 2009

Losing Teeth

First grade is prime time for losing teeth. Most of H's classmates are up to 3 or 4 already. He and one other boy in his class were the last to lose one. And it really bummed him out. (They are also the shortest ... for now). About a month ago, one of H's baby teeth started getting really loose. And today, it finally came out. He said he twisted it, and pulled it. He grossed everyone out when it started bleeding. I think it was the entertainment for the day in his classroom. H couldn't be more thrilled. He even got to go to the nurse's room and get his tooth-shaped tooth carrier to bring it home. We'll have to see if the Tooth Fairy pays him a visit tonight!

12 May 2009

Tortilla Head

Sometimes, it's hard not to laugh when the boys are playing with their food.

Speaking of Birds ...

Check out this bird chandelier, by Mathieu Challières. (via Cookie Magazine's Nesting Blog)

11 May 2009

Bird by C

Bird by C

We love birds around here. And I'm happy to add this one to our collection.

10 May 2009

My Mother's Day

What a treat today was. I had a fantastic Mother's Day, which started with breakfast in bed. Strawberry pancakes. Yum. Then boys gave me a few gifts. One of my favorites was the coupon book H made for me. I already used the "good for one hug" coupon, but he said I could use it again. Then I went for 4+ mile run, took a quick shower, and we headed to the Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA). The Buckminster Fuller exhibit was great. In fact, a couple of H's favorite "rooms" were from this exhibit. He liked the floating city and the dwelling machines. Our boys don't have much patience for museums, to be honest. But the final exhibit was really fun for them. It was the Olafur Eliasson exhibit. The first hallway was lit by only yellow lights, and it made it so everything in that room, including us and our clothes, were yellow and black -- almost sepia. There was also a room with lights that changed color, and a few other really fun spaces. We ended with brunch at Puck's, which was really nice. After brunch, we walked around a bit, then headed home.

I'm such a lucky person. Thanks to Brian and the boys for a perfect day. And Happy Mother's Day to Moms T & P, too!

09 May 2009

Chris Frigs Birthday Party

It was our friend Chris's birthday on Thursday. And to celebrate, Penny and he had a party tonight. It was fun evening spent with great friends (and of course delicious food).

Home Again

H had his first sleepover last night ... it was at his school. I have to admit, I actually told him at first that I thought he was too young and he couldn't go. But then I overheard him telling a friend that he wasn't going because "my Mom won't let me go," and I felt so bad. And lame. So we left the decision up to him. He was so excited to go. Then, a couple nights ago he got really nervous, and said he didn't want to go anymore. Over the last few days, he was really looking forward to it again, but I still fully anticipated a call in the middle of the night. Brian and C dropped him off because Melissa invited me last minute to the ballet (which was so fun). We woke up this morning -- without any mid-night wake-up calls -- and I couldn't wait to pick him up to find out how it went. And guess what? He had so much fun. They watched movies, played in the gym, went to sleep at 11:30, had pancakes for breakfast. It was a huge success.

07 May 2009

Portraits by C

In case you were wondering, I'm the one on the upper right and in the larger image on left. That dark mark on me? Well, that's a baby. In my belly. Poor C. Unfortunately for him, he's always going to be our baby. We haven't gotten many new pictures from him lately. He's been too busy drawing hearts for E in his school.

05 May 2009