22 May 2008

Art in Our House -- Round 4

This is the final art in our house entry. And it's definitely one of the most special since it features some of my favorite people in the whole wide world.
Painting by H
As most of you know, we couldn't just buy a house and move in. No, we had to gut it. Almost four years ago we began the process. It's still a work in progress -- such as the fact that none of our doors are painted (at least we now have closet doors -- something that happened just last week). Fortunately, when H began school this year, he really got into painting. These giant paintings are on the inside and outside of every door in our house.

Paintings by Brian
Brian graduated from the School of the Art Institute, and really is so talented in many ways. He's probably going to be totally embarrassed that I'm putting these up, but these are some paintings he did a long ago. He hasn't painted in probably five years, but hopefully it's something he'll make time to do again.

Photograph of Sky Pilot by James Caulfield
Sky Pilot was our greyhound. We got him when he was four -- he was a retired racer who made many people money thanks to his great track record -- and he was ten when he passed away from bone cancer. By the time we got him, all he wanted to do was sleep ... on our couch ... or our bed. Anywhere that would accommodate his bony body. This photograph was taken during his last year of life when our friend Jim asked Brian to bring our dog in to test some shots. By this time, Sky was missing half of his teeth, had the worst breath ever, had been to the emergency vet numerous time for stitches and had to have his tail chopped off because he would swing it in a giant circle, hit everything and make it bleed. Anyhow, he passed away right before Christmas 2003, and this was my present from Brian.

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