16 May 2008

Lunch Boxes

Next week is the last week of school for H & C. And, while they will go to the summer program at the same place, one thing will be missing -- hot lunch. That's right, no hot lunch all summer long! Remember what happened last time? What's worse, is H has decided that next year, it's cold lunch for him. No more of this hot lunch stuff. I'm hoping to talk him out of that, because frankly, I feel like my head may explode if I add one more thing to remember. But alas, there is no other option for summer, and the time is coming. So, I was on kirtsy (an awesome site by the way) and found this!

(Photos from http://wendolonia.com)

And I'm thinking, that a modified version of these (we don't own bento boxes or cute toothpicks) are great for my kids. This super-mom has a ton of great ideas (minus the peanut ones -- we are a no peanut school after all, which really puts a damper on things) and it might just help me get through the summer.


Wendy said...

I don't know how all you moms who have to deal with the no-peanut rule do it! I send peanut butter in some form every other day.

Angela said...

The no-nuts (not just peanut either) stinks. But thanks again for the ideas. I've already used some this week, and my kids have gobbled their lunches up.