30 May 2008

The Power of Marketing

The other day, H stepped in Hundescheisse (doggie doo-doo) and it managed to getting into the pores of his shoes. I spent about 5 seconds wiping and spraying, and decided that there was no way I was going to be able to get it out. I had to throw the shoes away. Which meant, H had a pair of flip-flops and crocs, but no tennies. So, we went to my favorite shoe store, zappos, and proceeded to try to pick out shoes with him. Let's just say, that he has quite an opinion on what he wants to wear. And he was insistent that he get a pair of Sketchers Airators. Can you say too much TV? Seriously! He had seen the ads on TV! I had to explain multiple times that the air doesn't actually shoot through the shoes. And I ended up having to read the user comments on zappos that said that their children's feet hurt a bit in this style. He thought about it for a second, and realized that he doesn't like pain, so it worked. I'm happy to report that he ended up with a super-cool pair of green Pumas with a yellow stripe and he was beaming wearing them.

So yesterday we went to McDonalds. That alone is something we never do, but we wanted to check out some furniture and had limited time to do so. Once again, the power of marketing got to him. Do you know what he ordered with his Happy Meal? Apple Dippers. I'm not even kidding! No fries ... Apple Dippers. I guess all the dollars spent marketing to 6-year olds is working.

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