07 May 2008

Doodie Head

H is graduating from his Montessori school in a couple weeks. And he's realizing that he will not know many, if any, of the kids in his first grade class next year -- and he's nervous about it. I tell him "it will be great, you'll make a ton new friends, it will be a blast" but really I'm thinking I TOTALLY GET IT, you poor guy. After all, he'll be with brand new kids ... kids who have gone to Kindergarten together ... and older kids. It will be a completely different environment than he's used to. But, he'll be fine. And I know he'll love it. But think about it. So far, one of the worst things that has ever happened to him is something that happened the other day. It went something like this.

H to Brian and I: "Someone was calling me names at school today."
Us: "What were they calling you?"
H: "A doodie head."
Me: "When that happens, just tell them to stop calling you names."
H: "I did, but she kept on doing it."
Me: "Then just walk away from them."
H: "I couldn't! I had to keep holding her hand! We were all crossing the street!"

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