28 June 2019

Moments 06 19 :: Week 04

We finally opened up the patio! For the next 2-3 months, this is where you'll find us. We usually have everything set up Memorial Day weekend. We are super late this year. Mainly because of the weather.

Thank goodness we bought some outdoor blankets. It was still cold. And, this was the first official day of summer, mind you.

Yep, we pretty much stayed out there all night. Even the dogs loved it.

Biergarten bike crawl stop one - Hubbard Park. (Check Brews the dog out, haha!)

Stop number 2 - Estabrook Biergarden. There threats of rain all day. In fact, it did rain a little bit. But we still had an absolute blast.

Love catching a peek of this guy while he's at work.

C and his friend rode their bikes to Kletsch Park and went fishing the other day. They caught a blue gill, brought it home, cleaned and gutted it, started a fire and fried it up. So funny.

H got home right in time to try it.

It was a rainy Shorewood Criterium. Too bad, this is one of my favorite events of the summer. We were still able to see the women's event. Men's was cancelled because it just got too late after all of the delays. Still had a great dinner together and ran into friends. It was fun.

21 June 2019

Moments 06 19 :: Week 03

The season is not quite over (one more game this weekend), and tryouts just finished, but last weekend we celebrated the end of a great season. These guys have come so far in the past couple years and it’s been really fun watching them earn some well-deserved successes this spring. U15 soccer is no joke and often not easy. These boys and their families make it okay though. Rarely do you hear arguing on the field and none of them have an ego. We’ve even been complimented several times by other teams parents on what a nice team they are to play against. Seriously, they are an amazing group of people.


Never enough soccer. Even H joined in the fun.

Happy Father's Day to this guy! C made breakfast in bed. Avocado toast two ways, fruit salad, an oreo oatmilk cappuccino, and even folded an origami bird for the napkin.

Went out for Vietnamese lunch. Love this picture.

Flashback photo of Brian. Probably C's first day home from the hospital.

And here they are now.

My dad, circa 1986 maybe?

And now.

Something super exciting happened. H started flight lessons this week. Definitely living his dream.

And this guy finished CrossFit Elements and will be joining me this summer. I cannot wait.

14 June 2019

Moments 06 19 :: Week 02

Sleeping beauty.

Oh hey, H!

Took the covers off the furniture and this one wasted no time hopping on her favorite spot.

The last day of 8th grade deserves a celebration lunch.

Lobster, of course!

Can't believe we have two high schoolers.

Nina, Papa and Grandma all came to C's 8th grade promotion ceremony.

Proud parents. This kid killed it.


It's official.

Happy family.

And yes, I made him do this. The next day was H's last day of school. One exam -- his final lifeguarding test. Right in time to start work later that evening at The Town Club.

07 June 2019

Moments 06 19 :: Week 01

Last Monday during State Champions, the final game ended 5 minutes early due to lightening. All eight teams in the bracket were close, so they were required to play whatever many minutes they had left on Saturday. Some teams had 21 minutes, but sure enough, C's team had 5 minutes to play. They finished the game as it ended Monday (they won 2-0), but just missed out moving on to the semi-finals. Sadly, we found out that morning, that the team's friend, Val, who was in the accident a few days earlier passed away. There was no way these guys were going to let that win get away. They played hard, and had a much better showing than the year before which was great.

Brian & I left the game and drove straight up to Marinette for his cousin Aaron's wedding. It was such a blast catching up with his relatives. He comes from a huge family with about 15 cousins. Now that most of us have kids ourselves, it's a lot, and we just don't get to see each other nearly as much. It was a fun night.

We even participated -- as a group -- in the karaoke. Pettits are not known for our signing abilities, that's for sure. 


Look at these two. They crack me up. 

Today in AP Physics, they had a boat contest. His came in 2nd overall. I think this photo of him in the pool in his cardboard boat is absolutely hilarious.