31 August 2008

Summer Days ... Nearing the End

The pool closes tomorrow. Guess where you can find us?

30 August 2008

Celebrating C's 4th

C had a great 4th birthday. It was simple and sweet -- all the request of the birthday boy. We spent it with great friends and family, and had Doritos, pizza, and a chocolate cake with a train on it (and butter cream frosting, and fudge). We also had one thing C insisted having -- a pinata. And not just any pinata. A bat pinata. You know, to go with his whole train theme! It was very C -- cute and quirky. It was a really nice night, and he had an absolute blast.

29 August 2008

Happy 4th Birthday C!

Is it really possible, that today you are 4?


(1 year)

(2 years)

(3 years)


It's been so much fun watching learn and grow. You came out crying and have kept us on our toes ever since. It makes me nuts that you can be so stubborn, but I also love more than anything that you are your own little person. You are funny and can make anyone laugh. You seem to get people wrapped around your little finger -- you are addicting. You've struggled with words, but you've made up for it by being very animated (and the words are certainly coming -- sometimes non-stop right now). This was the year you started school. You had your brother to team up with, and this year will be different. It might be tough at first, but I think this will be a good year for both of you. You are great friends, and I hope it continues throughout the years. Time is slipping by way too fast, but at the same time it's so exciting watching you get older, and I can only dream of the places you will go. We love you C!

28 August 2008

Days with Grandma

H has been in school most of the day, so C has had some 1-on-1 time with Grandma Joan. We are all enjoying her visit, and both boys are having a great time. Plus, I don't know what she does, but she possesses a magical gift of getting them to sleep and eat well. Here they are getting C's hair cut. For two weeks, we've had to hide the scissors because he kept trying to cut his own hair. Figured we better get in. When they asked us how he wanted his hair cut, he pointed to his big brother.

27 August 2008

Days with Nina

With no child care for C this week, the boys are lucky to get to spend some time with "the grandmas" -- both visiting from Wisconsin. Nina left Tuesday evening, then Grandma P took over. Here's Nina and the boys playing in the sandbox. While most of us cringe (me included) at the thought of playing in the sand, she's always great about jumping right in with them. When we visit Florida, she's also known by the grandchildren as the resident sandcastle maker. The boys had a blast -- and from what I can tell, Nina had a good time too.

26 August 2008

First Day of First Grade

Today is H's first day of first grade. New school, new teacher ... I get it. But he was absolutely petrified.

(Update: It seems H did just fine. He came out of school very excited and even wanted to take his homework to the playground with him.)

25 August 2008

Boys and Bugs

The boys had off of school today and no child care, so Nina came to spend a couple days with them. What did they do all day, you ask? Scour the trees for cicada shells. Here's their treasures from the day. This is a jumbo container, by the way, and they are very, very proud of findings.

24 August 2008

B.C. Vacation - The End

B.C. Vacation - Day 8

Caught the 10:50 a.m. ferry back to Horseshoe Bay, then drove to Stanley Park in Vancouver. The park is absolutely beautiful with miles of trails and things to do. We planned on spending a full day there but only fit a ride on the mini train and a fish and chip lunch at Prospect Point Lookout.

We checked into our hotel -- the Westin Grand -- and just relaxed a little bit. I totally recommend this place. We had a comfortable room on the 29th floor overlooking the harbor, and they made the kids feel really special -- complete with back packs, a hat, and postcards to color. That night we walked around the area, and had a great dinner at Tropika. H & C wanted to try the crab. They weren't huge fans, but we were! Came back to the room, and waiting for C was an early birthday present from the Westin -- a tiramisu in a chocolate cup. See what I mean?

B.C. Vacation - Day 7

A day at the beach ... need I say more?

B.C. Vacation - Day 6

Woke up and went for a run on the Lost Lake Loop. I wanted to do the whole loop, but part of it was closed for baby toad migration. I'm not even kidding (even though, I have a bit of a bear phobia so it was a good excuse to cut the run a bit short before panic sets in). Then it was time to pack up, and head for the Sunshine Coast to stay with the lovely Enga family -- Bjørn, Joanna and Landseer Enga. We stayed with them a couple years ago, and it really is a highlight of our trip. They have such a warm, comfortable home overlooking the ocean. We were also lucky enough to have a slumber party that included Jamie Goldman (who went on to win an event on Vancouver Island this past weekend) and Bobby McMullen (who's story is incredible -- he is a mountain biker who is blind -- if you can even imagine).

(Want to see how crazy these riders are? Here's a photo of Jamie that Brian took at Crankworx. Yeah, this is what they do!)

B.C. Vacation - Day 5

Spent part of the morning (and later in the afternoon) at Whistler Kids Blackcomb Base Adventure Zone, where H & C got to bungee jump, zip line (tried talking H into doing the big one, but he had no interest -- maybe next time), try the batting cage, and ride the luge. C developed a crazy cute new laugh on the bungee that had everyone giggling. Fortunately, he's kind of kept it, so maybe you'll get to hear it too.

Lunch at Wild Wood Cafe where we went crazy over their mini sugar pies, then headed over to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, where we did a small hike to Swim Lake -- absolutely gorgeous.

After a little relaxing in our hot tub, we asked the boys where they wanted to go for dinner -- so off we went to Sushi Village for more seaweed salad and box sushi! I'm already craving it again.

B.C. Vacation - Day 4

Raining and cold, but that didn't stop us. In fact, the rain brought the slugs, so we went on a slug hunt near Lost Lake. Delicious dinner at Sushi Village with Tyler and Matthieu.