24 August 2008

B.C. Vacation - Day 6

Woke up and went for a run on the Lost Lake Loop. I wanted to do the whole loop, but part of it was closed for baby toad migration. I'm not even kidding (even though, I have a bit of a bear phobia so it was a good excuse to cut the run a bit short before panic sets in). Then it was time to pack up, and head for the Sunshine Coast to stay with the lovely Enga family -- Bjørn, Joanna and Landseer Enga. We stayed with them a couple years ago, and it really is a highlight of our trip. They have such a warm, comfortable home overlooking the ocean. We were also lucky enough to have a slumber party that included Jamie Goldman (who went on to win an event on Vancouver Island this past weekend) and Bobby McMullen (who's story is incredible -- he is a mountain biker who is blind -- if you can even imagine).

(Want to see how crazy these riders are? Here's a photo of Jamie that Brian took at Crankworx. Yeah, this is what they do!)

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