18 August 2008

B.C. Vacation - Day 2

A motor coach picked us up at 7:45 a.m. and took us to the train station where we caught the Whistler Mountaineer from Vancouver to Whistler. Both boys loved it, but H in particular was absolutely in heaven. It was definitely the way to go. The 3-hour ride was beautiful and relaxing. The only downside, is that the open air observation car was closed for repair. Once in Whistler, Brian (who has some sort of rib injury from flipping over his handle bars, by they way) met us at the Crystal Lodge, where he had been staying since last Friday for Crankworx. From there, he took us to our house in Whistler -- an amazing 4-bedroom house in the Montebello complex (yes, friends, you too could have come -- there's plenty of room). We turned right around, grabbed hot dogs and gravy fries at Zogs, and went to the slopestyle event. It was a crazy scene. Fortunately, we had access to the VIP area. The kids were so exhausted they were delirious. But they were surrounded by a bunch of mountain bikers who appreciated their wild side, and got a water fight started. That evening we grabbed some take out at Opa, and called it a day.


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Penny said...

What's the deal with these guys flipping over the their bikes? Is this some kind of weird competition thing going on? Glad to see you all are enjoying you vacation. Everything is A-OK back home!!