24 August 2008

B.C. Vacation - Day 5

Spent part of the morning (and later in the afternoon) at Whistler Kids Blackcomb Base Adventure Zone, where H & C got to bungee jump, zip line (tried talking H into doing the big one, but he had no interest -- maybe next time), try the batting cage, and ride the luge. C developed a crazy cute new laugh on the bungee that had everyone giggling. Fortunately, he's kind of kept it, so maybe you'll get to hear it too.

Lunch at Wild Wood Cafe where we went crazy over their mini sugar pies, then headed over to Brandywine Falls Provincial Park, where we did a small hike to Swim Lake -- absolutely gorgeous.

After a little relaxing in our hot tub, we asked the boys where they wanted to go for dinner -- so off we went to Sushi Village for more seaweed salad and box sushi! I'm already craving it again.

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Sue said...

Could your kids be anymore FREAKIN' cuter???? Sue Aronson