30 November 2018

Moments 11 18 :: Week 05

Ready to decorate!

Finished. It's suddenly much cozier in here.

Hey look, I made this wall hanging. After a several year hiatus, I got a little crafty this year.

I mean, seriously, she's pretty darn cute.

Now that we moved the dog beds next to each other, I just can't stop taking photos of them.

Here we go! Swim season. H is the one getting a bit of a late start in this photo. Haha. He swam 3 varsity events (200 Medley, 200 IM and 100 Breast) and 1 JV event (200 free Medley). He started the season with a faster time in the breaststroke than he ended last year!

24 November 2018

Our Tree



It seems really early, but per tradition, we picked out our tree today! Every year we toy with the iudea of going to a new place, but Monches Farm really has the most perfect Christmas trees and has the most magical setting. Plus, I'm kind of obsessed with the chickens that wander around, as you might be able to tell.

23 November 2018

Moments 11 18 :: Week 04

Our friends Al & Cristen invited us to the Bucks vs. Portland Trail Blazers basketball game on Wednesday. Oh my gosh, so much fun!

The new Fiserv Forum is amazing. I had been there with C for the Twenty-One Pilots concert, but it was everyone else's first time there.

The game ended with the Bucks winning 143-100. Crazy!

Such a perfect start to Thanksgiving! A really great workout with a bunch of people who make me super happy. And of course, spending the morning with these guys.

Meanwhile, these two snuggled in front of the fire.

Drove down to Oak Park for annual Leftover Day. It's definitely one of my favorites.

Lounging, eating and watching movies with these guys. This year's movie, was Pitch Perfect.

Plus, three of the kids were home from college, so the opportunity to get to see them is rare. To have them all in one place is amazing.

And of course, the leftovers. They never disappoint.



Can't believe Thanksgiving is already here! It's one of my absolute favorite holidays. We had such a great time at my Mom & Dad's house this year. They are in their new house, so that was different, but it was a blast. We always have so many laughs and so much fun together. (By the way, don't my niece and C look alike? It's kind of crazy.)

16 November 2018

Moments 11 18 :: Week 03


Only one photo from last week, but that's ok. This guy deserves his own post. Storm turned TWELVE on 11/15. I can't even believe it. So many years have gone by since we went to an art fair and came home with the big guy. Seriously, that's what happened. The local shelter happened to be there. He was just sitting in the middle of the sidewalk, all chill, and so handsome. 10 months old. We were his third house. To this day, I can't figure out why anyone in their right mind would give him up -- and the only reason I can think of is that he was just meant to be part of our family. We weren't looking to get a dog, but the idea of not going home with him was not an option. We just knew he had to be ours. He's still got a lot of spunk in his old age, but I'm not going to lie, it's not easy watching him grow old. We all love him so much. Except maybe Brian at times, when Storm hops into bed at 3am and lays his 80# body on top of him and snores so loud I'm surprised it doesn't wake up the neighborhood. Anyhow, here's to turning twelve Storm! Hope you enjoyed your frosted doggie cookie <3

09 November 2018

Moments 11 18 :: Week 02

The Betty Brinn Gala with Ali. (Scott was unfortunately sick.)

Brian and me <3. Wearing my friend Carol's vintage Donna Karan dress. You guys, I ran into her at Trader Joes, and she insisted I try it on. I'm so glad I did. I typically don't love dressing up, but felt amazing.

Last U15 Fall team soccer game. Our third trip to Green Bay. This team was such a blast and I know C is already missing it. They ended the season 7 wins, 1 loss.

This was Monday. Can you tell we spent all day Saturday cleaning the leaves? Ugh. And now there's snow. And leaves.

This old guy. He always sits with his rump roast elevated. It's so cute! Which is good. He's gotten into the garbage two more times this week! What is up?

Don't leave me, Mom!

Epic dodgeball tournament. The dream team here ended up losing their second game, and coming in third. C had been looking forward to this all week. And wearing his unicorn onesie (intended for Halloween, but he couldn't make it trick or treating this year -- glad he finally made good use of it).

02 November 2018

Moments 11 18 :: Week 01

Day of the Dead bread. This is the “presentation” version. The “taste” version was a different recipe, and ended up coming in first place. Yep, we maybe spent all day making bread, but he came out with some extra credit AND a Qdoba gift card. Big win.

Pumpkin carving night. This is one of Brian and my least favorite things to do. Isn't that terrible? But the boys love it, and every year still ask when we will be carving pumpkins. So as long as they keep asking, of course, we'll keep carving.

The best was Brian contemplating over what he was going to do. At one point, he got super serious and said he needed a moment to sketch it out. I expected some grand plan, but he came back with this drawing. We were dying laughing. So ridiculous. And so funny.

The finished product.

Family portrait, Halloween edition.

Welcome home, Mom! Ugh. Seriously, can you believe this old man? (Gretel is crated during the day so it most definitely was him.)

Speaking of Gretel, it appears that someone has developed a fear of rain! Out of nowhere. Our critters are crazy.