09 November 2018

Moments 11 18 :: Week 02

The Betty Brinn Gala with Ali. (Scott was unfortunately sick.)

Brian and me <3. Wearing my friend Carol's vintage Donna Karan dress. You guys, I ran into her at Trader Joes, and she insisted I try it on. I'm so glad I did. I typically don't love dressing up, but felt amazing.

Last U15 Fall team soccer game. Our third trip to Green Bay. This team was such a blast and I know C is already missing it. They ended the season 7 wins, 1 loss.

This was Monday. Can you tell we spent all day Saturday cleaning the leaves? Ugh. And now there's snow. And leaves.

This old guy. He always sits with his rump roast elevated. It's so cute! Which is good. He's gotten into the garbage two more times this week! What is up?

Don't leave me, Mom!

Epic dodgeball tournament. The dream team here ended up losing their second game, and coming in third. C had been looking forward to this all week. And wearing his unicorn onesie (intended for Halloween, but he couldn't make it trick or treating this year -- glad he finally made good use of it).

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