30 November 2013



On Friday, we loaded up the car, and headed back to the old stomping grounds to hang out with a bunch of some of our favorite people. It's been a number of years since we've made it to Leftover Day, and Leif and Melissa sure did have a house full this time around. It was incredible! We changed back into our PJs, loaded up our plates, and found our spots for an epic movie day that lasted from 1pm to 1am. We watched no less than six of them! Swiss Family Robinson (C's favorite). Monsters University. The Bling Ring. Best in Show. The Way Way Back (H's favorite). Pitch Perfect. I don't think we've watched that many movies in the past few months, let alone a day. I can see why it's one of Melissa's favorite days of the year. It was really awesome. After a few hours of slumber, Brian, the boys and I got ourselves packed up, said our good-byes and made a quick stop in Chinatown for dim sum before dropping Brian off downtown. He has an event for a client tonight, and needed to spend the day setting up. H, C and I have arrived home safe, relishing in the glory of an epic day.

28 November 2013



We spent a really nice day at Brian's mom's house for Thanksgiving. Even Storm was invited! Pam's cranberry martinis were an excellent way to start the afternoon, followed by a delicious meal prepared by my mother-in-law. We all left happy, relaxed and full. A perfect day.

27 November 2013



I'm so excited! Thanksgiving is almost here. And we sure do have a fun, jam packed, extended holiday weekend planned. The boys are already off of school today. Brian took H into work with him, and they are pheasant hunting this afternoon. C and I are having a nice day around the house just getting things in order and watching cartoons. Good stuff. I sure have a lot to be thankful for. Brian and the boys. Our extended families. Storm. Our friends. A nice life. Lucky, lucky me.

(Yes, that is canned soup -- C's favorite. He put in the hat so his hair didn't fall into it while he slurped up the last drop.)

26 November 2013



Today at C's school, the all the grades put on an Informance. The morning was K-2, and the afternoon was 3-4. They have a new music teacher this year, and she decided to put on a little concert teaching the parents what the kids are learning at each grade. It was so cool! Each grade did a couple songs, plus each class performed a song. C's grade used flashlights, sang in Spanish, and even danced. His class used hand bells in their song (he's the handsome guy in the back with the plaid shirt on). I didn't know what to expect, and it was completely awesome.

24 November 2013



We spent a nice day out at my parent's house on Saturday. Brian, my dad, my nephew and H met up with my cousin and his father-in-law for an afternoon of pheasant hunting. It was freezing cold out, but from what I hear, they had a blast. Brrrr.... Lucky C got to hang out with my mom and me. We met up afterwards at the house where a serious battle of Monopoly happened in front of the fire.

22 November 2013

Toad Concert


Brian and I got out last night! Really, there's no excuse for not doing it more often. Except for maybe the fact that I'm a total homebody. But, I really need to get over that. It was so much fun. My mother-in-law came out to hang out with the boys, which they were super excited about. Brian and I went to All Purpose for dinner -- delicious -- then met up with Andrew + Shelly, Scott and Rob at Turner Ballroom to see the Toad the Wet Sprocket concert. The gang of us saw this band together at least once or twice back in the day. In fact, Andrew and Shelly even got engaged at one of their concerts! Needless to say, Toad is one of our favorites. And last night did not disappoint. They sounded great. Plus, it was really fun getting to hang out with these awesome people.

20 November 2013



Tonight was the last night of Champions League -- a 3-week in-club tournament for U10 and below where they mix up all U9 teams. It's something C looks so forward to each year. (H does too -- they just don't have it for U12s any more...). C missed a night of games last week when he was sick. So Monday, he asked what the standings were, and said he had to make up 4 goals. Sure enough, he went off to score 6. He was a man on a mission. Tonight they ended up in the playoffs, and after a heated game, lost 0-1 -- coming in second place. He had a great time. The tournament ends with a Pasta Dinner for all the teams. Now the have a week off, then bring it indoor for the rest of the winter.



Rainbow Loom bracelets are quite the thing right now. For awhile, a little girl in C's class would make him one every day. (She even made Storm one for his birthday last week! It's on his collar.) Anyhow, C has learned how to make the bracelets without the loom. He took all of the ones he had apart so he could use the rubber bands and make his own. And then over the weekend, he went to Winkies and spent the money he had left on a gift card for a bunch of bands. He's been a busy guy, as you can see. It's so interesting to me to see the boys so into these things. The other day I was at the school for lunch duty, and it was the boys who were sitting at the lunch tables making them. I had to keep reminding them to eat! Then, tonight at soccer, one of C's teammates showed up with bracelets for all the players on his team. In blue and white -- the club colors. I love it!

18 November 2013

Going Ons and Ramblings


This is what our entire backyard looks like right now. We have some late falling leaves, and high winds and storms over the weekend finally brought them down. It's a lot of leaves. We had a fun weekend. It seems the more free time we have, the less we get done. But that's ok every now and then.

Friday night we ended up at the animal shelter again. We would like a second dog some day, but there are a few issues. Brian would like a vizsla. I would like a shelter/rescue dog. Storm is kind of jerk with other dogs so a puppy might be the way to go. The idea of getting a puppy kind of freaks me out. So much responsibility. Anyhow, there was a pure breed German Shorthair Pointer at the shelter the other day. I grew up with one -- Ginger -- and love them. They are sporting dogs (bonus for B). It was a shelter dog (bonus for me). Alas, by the time we got there, the dog was already going to a new home. Not meant to be. I really do think dogs find you sometimes.

Saturday we went to tae kwon do, then ran some errands. Discovered an incredible Asian market that I can't wait to go back too. Brian made dinner, which was really nice. It sure feels good to get a break from that every now and then. Especially since he also did the dishes.

Sunday I was invited by Ali to go to Wine & Dine. First of all, I cannot even remember we spent some time together, just the two of us. It was really nice. Second, it was her birthday. Third, we got to sample some pretty amazing bites. I'm surprised more people don't leave that place sloshed. The amount of liquor samplings were crazy. Fortunately, we are smart and didn't overindulge. Although, I was really full by the time we left. I didn't get any pictures. It was too challenging balancing plates, glasses and a camera. But it was a ton of fun and such a great last minute surprise.

And now, it's time for another new week. Brian was out the door before any of us were up. H woke up to a sore throat, and I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't get what C had last week (he was home sick a day). Especially since he has a field trip to Chicago this week -- lucky duck.

15 November 2013

Birthday Boy


Look who turned 7 today! My Storm. Who still turns away from the camera when he can. Goof ball. (P.S. Can you tell I love my dog?)

13 November 2013

School Pictures


I know school pictures are not everyone's favorite. And yes, there are much better photographs that are taken. But I, for one, absolutely love school photos. There's just something about them that make me smile, and look so forward to getting them each year. (C - 9 years old, 3rd grade. H - 11 years old, 6th grade.)

11 November 2013

This, Is Happening Right Now ...


The first snow of the season. (My kids are going to be so happy!)

10 November 2013

Celebrating 15


Tonight we went to my sister's house to celebrate my niece's 15th birthday. She really is quite a beautiful and kind young lady. M is the youngest of our nieces and nephews, and honestly, I just can't believe she's already that age. (Or the fact that her brother is a senior and going to college next year.) It's absolutely crazy. My sister's in-laws and my cousin and his family -- including cute little E -- were there to help celebrate too. We all had such a great time.

07 November 2013

Inspiration Files :: Bunker

I first saw this residence show up in my feed about a month ago. It was intriguing and beautiful, but cold and bothersome at the same time. I didn't like it. There is something about it though -- and for some reason it's popped up in my mind almost daily. That doesn't happen often. I went back to revisit it today, and if you read the comments, I'm not alone in my uneasiness. You see, it's a former Nazi air raid shelter, which is creepy and unnerving, for sure. However, there's something so fascinating about taking something with such an ugly past, and turning it into something absolutely stunning. P.S. I'm still not saying it's totally my cup of tea -- it's a little sterile for me. But never the less, it's a pretty amazing space. -via Freunde von Freunden via Desire to Inspire.

03 November 2013



During Brian's recent Pablove Across America ride, he got to dedicate a day on the ride to our backyard neighbor (who is also C's classmate, along with her twin brother) who is currently in treatment for leukemia. While Brian was extremely proud to get to dedicate the ride for her, it sucks that we actually know someone personally who he could do that for. Over the past year, she has really taken to baking. In fact, her Make a Wish was to meet Buddy, which she got to do this summer. Tonight, Brian got the sweetest cake delivery ever. Thanks, A!

Eggplant Parmesan


Look who made us dinner last night! H cooked up a delicious eggplant parmesan. It really was amazing -- and he kept saying how much fun it was to do. Love it.

02 November 2013



Today, without anyone else from my family in attendance (a broken collarbone for Brian, and lack of training for the boys), I participated in my third tae kwon do tournament. I competed in forms and breaking, coming in 2nd place in both. I'll take it, but I know I could have done better. I knew exactly when my form wasn't perfect and was not surprised by my placement. I tend to get complete stage fright -- I didn't even do forms last time -- so was pleased I got through it without any major issues. My breaks were difficult and awesome (if I do say so myself)-- but I definitely need work on my K'ihap. I should have come in first. I nailed all three (a reverse axe, reverse jump hook, and low back swing kick), but the woman after me just came out loud and confident and won the show. The only way I could have won is if she didn't break one of the boards on her first try. Oh well. Learning all the time and that's part of it.