20 November 2013



Rainbow Loom bracelets are quite the thing right now. For awhile, a little girl in C's class would make him one every day. (She even made Storm one for his birthday last week! It's on his collar.) Anyhow, C has learned how to make the bracelets without the loom. He took all of the ones he had apart so he could use the rubber bands and make his own. And then over the weekend, he went to Winkies and spent the money he had left on a gift card for a bunch of bands. He's been a busy guy, as you can see. It's so interesting to me to see the boys so into these things. The other day I was at the school for lunch duty, and it was the boys who were sitting at the lunch tables making them. I had to keep reminding them to eat! Then, tonight at soccer, one of C's teammates showed up with bracelets for all the players on his team. In blue and white -- the club colors. I love it!

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