07 November 2013

Inspiration Files :: Bunker

I first saw this residence show up in my feed about a month ago. It was intriguing and beautiful, but cold and bothersome at the same time. I didn't like it. There is something about it though -- and for some reason it's popped up in my mind almost daily. That doesn't happen often. I went back to revisit it today, and if you read the comments, I'm not alone in my uneasiness. You see, it's a former Nazi air raid shelter, which is creepy and unnerving, for sure. However, there's something so fascinating about taking something with such an ugly past, and turning it into something absolutely stunning. P.S. I'm still not saying it's totally my cup of tea -- it's a little sterile for me. But never the less, it's a pretty amazing space. -via Freunde von Freunden via Desire to Inspire.

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