18 November 2013

Going Ons and Ramblings


This is what our entire backyard looks like right now. We have some late falling leaves, and high winds and storms over the weekend finally brought them down. It's a lot of leaves. We had a fun weekend. It seems the more free time we have, the less we get done. But that's ok every now and then.

Friday night we ended up at the animal shelter again. We would like a second dog some day, but there are a few issues. Brian would like a vizsla. I would like a shelter/rescue dog. Storm is kind of jerk with other dogs so a puppy might be the way to go. The idea of getting a puppy kind of freaks me out. So much responsibility. Anyhow, there was a pure breed German Shorthair Pointer at the shelter the other day. I grew up with one -- Ginger -- and love them. They are sporting dogs (bonus for B). It was a shelter dog (bonus for me). Alas, by the time we got there, the dog was already going to a new home. Not meant to be. I really do think dogs find you sometimes.

Saturday we went to tae kwon do, then ran some errands. Discovered an incredible Asian market that I can't wait to go back too. Brian made dinner, which was really nice. It sure feels good to get a break from that every now and then. Especially since he also did the dishes.

Sunday I was invited by Ali to go to Wine & Dine. First of all, I cannot even remember we spent some time together, just the two of us. It was really nice. Second, it was her birthday. Third, we got to sample some pretty amazing bites. I'm surprised more people don't leave that place sloshed. The amount of liquor samplings were crazy. Fortunately, we are smart and didn't overindulge. Although, I was really full by the time we left. I didn't get any pictures. It was too challenging balancing plates, glasses and a camera. But it was a ton of fun and such a great last minute surprise.

And now, it's time for another new week. Brian was out the door before any of us were up. H woke up to a sore throat, and I'm crossing my fingers he doesn't get what C had last week (he was home sick a day). Especially since he has a field trip to Chicago this week -- lucky duck.

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