30 April 2009

H's Self Portrait

(Self Portrait in Clay by H)

Fresh Air

Awhile back, Brian took H to the car wash (a good guy-thing to do, right?). They got the super duper car wash. The one that included a "free" air freshener. H picked strawberry. It was fine. But, I'm not kidding, he's been talking about his second choice ever since ... black ice. Every time we see a taxi cab with an air freshener, he looks to see if it's black ice. If he sees black ice hanging from a car, he shouts "black ice, black ice." He keeps saying how he really wonders what black ice smells like. Brian surprised him last weekend and picked up a 3-pack of what else, but ... black ice.

W. O. W.

Let's just say, even though we have been airing out the car in the garage for a week, it still smells like we are on our way to a disco with 20 European men who have just sprayed on some cologne. And I have nothing against European men ... believe you me ... but the smell? One European man is fine. Nice, even. But 20 in a tiny hatchback car? Overwhelming.

29 April 2009


(Butterflies by C)

28 April 2009

Advice from H

C picked some dandelions on the way home from school today. They are his favorite flowers, you know. And they are for his girl-friends. H had a bit of advice for him.

C: Look! These are for E & S.
H: C, you really don't need to do nice things like that for girls.
C: Why?
H: Because, you really need to just leave them alone once in awhile.
Me: Are you talking about the dandelions or the girls?
H: Both ... actually.

C didn't listen. Which is probably good, since H also informed me that he is part of a "club" at school, and as part of this club, they are actually talking to girls again. Hmmm, I didn't know he wasn't talking to girls anymore. Thank goodness I don't count.

27 April 2009


How amazing are these tree houses? (Amazon Treehouses via Cup of Jo via Krisatomic)


(Monster by H)

This reminds me of the boys. They were so WILD all night long. Even Storm got on my last nerve. H & C both have colds, and he loves eating their tissue ... it can be next to the bed or in the trash. I just doesn't matter. Fun.

26 April 2009

Dim Sum

This morning we visited Chinatown for some dim sum at Three Happiness. H has declared it his second favorite food. Sushi and red chicken are tied for first.

25 April 2009

Grill'n Out

Yesterday was beautiful! It was sunny (most of the day) and reached 80 degrees. Our friends invited us over for a spontaneous grill-out in their beautiful, newly landscaped yard. There's nothing like the first hamburger of the season on the grill. The kids had fun dunking their heads and sitting in a tub full of water (... I'm not sure why either). And drinking root beer floats, while we enjoyed bottles of wine and beer. It was a great evening.

23 April 2009

Swimming + Ice Cream

H & C had their last swim class tonight. Both get to move on to the next level. H's review had comments like "H has shown strong growth in floats. He has learned to do them by himself!". And "I'm very impressed with the improvements H has made. I enjoyed having him in class." C's said "C was very enthusiastic about putting his face in the water!" And, "C was a burst of energy in class. He is continually improving on being a better listener." We already have our pool passes for the summer -- I think it's going to be a good year for them.

First Love

We got to walk home with one of C's girlfriends today. He has two, but this is the one he's going to marry ... so he says. He escorted her out of the school, and walk the three blocks until we had to part ways, with his arm around her (like this). Then he kissed her good-bye on the cheek. I am not even kidding. He's actually quite a gentleman.

21 April 2009

Flowers & Pineapple

Flowers & Pineapple by C

I met C's art teacher on the day he made this. She was so complimentary of his work and his choice of colors. It was very nice. I'm not sure how the pineapple got in the mix, but I think it has to do with his love for Spongebob Squarepants.

Photo Shoot

Our friend Joelle is a chef. Actually, a pretty amazing chef who we never see because she works all the time who has worked at places like these. She was just in an ad that appeared in The New Yorker magazine. Pretty cool. But why am I sharing this news (that would probably totally embarrass Joelle to no end)? Because, you will never believe who shot the photograph. Annie Liebovitz. Um, yeah. That Annie Liebovitz. As I was saying ... pretty cool.

20 April 2009


Brian just got back from Monterey, California tonight, where he spent the last six days at the Sea Otter Classic. The boys are watching Spongebob Squarepants with him, and H just told his newest joke. Here it goes:

What kind of music does a rabbit listen to? Hip hop.

(If he pulls this joke out on you, just don't let him know I already told it to you.)

19 April 2009

18 April 2009

Pictures From Today

After running errands, we had a picnic in the park, flew mini kites (these are so great -- small enough to fit in a bag or purse -- you never know when you'll want to fly a kite!) and played with trucks.


C and I stayed awake during the movie last night, but H & Storm fell fast asleep.

17 April 2009

H's First Art Show

H had his first art show ever today at the public library, complete with an apple juice and cracker reception. The first graders did a project on emotions, and it was very cool to see. It seems, however, that H is taking after me in the Being Able To Look For Things category. We scoured the wall three times before he finally found his -- the very first one in the lower corner.


I was having one of those days where I just dropped everything. I even managed to drop my camera ... and snapped this picture in the process. Thankfully, I was wearing it around my neck, tourist style in my own home, so it didn't crash to the ground.

16 April 2009

It Really Is Spring!

(Chick by C)

It's sunny. Our trees are sprouting buds and flowers. And it's over 35 degrees! It will be in the 60s, as a matter of fact. Exciting stuff!

14 April 2009

Wisconsin Scenes

I think I may be missing open spaces and the outdoors a little bit. Here are some scenes from our recent weekend in Wisconsin. Still bare and colorless -- yes -- yet beautiful (I think). Chicago right now is cold and gray. And flat.

13 April 2009

Storm's Weekend

Look who else loves Wisconsin. Storm runs, and runs, and runs some more ... and when he's not running, this is what he does. What a life.

12 April 2009

Easter in Wisconsin

We had a fun, fun, FUN time in Wisconsin this weekend. We were very excited that our friends The Frigs joined us. We started out by having a fish fry on Friday night with my sister and her family. It's been years since we've had one, and was delicious. Saturday the Brian & Chris went on a long bike ride, and Penny and I took the kids to the playground and on a little walk. That afternoon was egg dying, which I love (unlike pumpkin carving or cookie decorating). H, C & M had a great Eater morning looking for eggs and finding baskets the Easter bunny left. We took a walk in Lapham Peak before heading over to my sister's house for a great dinner. We're exhausted, but it was so much fun.

10 April 2009

Easter Weekend

(Mama & Baby Bunny by C)

Happy Easter weekend! The small boys are gearing up for an Easter egg hunt (or two). The big boy (that's Brian) is gearing up for a weekend of bike riding and trail runs. It should be a fun weekend. Easter sneaked up on me, but maybe next year, I'll make an Easter tree. My "Oma" always had one, and I love them.

08 April 2009

Fun & Colorful Party

I've been thinking about this scavenger hunt party since I first saw it on Oh Happy Day two days ago. Doesn't it look like so much fun?

07 April 2009


(Lion by C)

Before Spring Break, C came home with a huge stack of artwork. Just a warning, there might be a lot featured this week.

The boys had an exciting first day back to school. C couldn't wait to see his girlfriends -- he made a song up about them in Florida. Even H came home with a love letter from a 2nd or 3rd grade girl today ... and asked Brian tape it to his wall. Spring is definitely in the air.

06 April 2009

Florida - The End

We are back from our vacation. It was such a nice time. Great weather, and just fun to be together. One of the best things that happened was that H learned how to swim. He's always been ok, but just couldn't keep his head above water. Something clicked, and by the time we left, he was diving for objects and swimming the length of the pool. Pretty cool. We also saw a ton of dolphins, which I loved. I can't believe it's back to the grind tomorrow. This was good week ... for all of us.

Florida - Day 6

H's birthday was spent on a pontoon boat ... It was a beautiful day ... He caught the only fish of the day ... tropical drinks at Parrot Key ... Strawberry Oreo blizzard ice cream cake ...He had a great day.

03 April 2009

Florida - Day 5

Boys went miniature golfing ... Girls shopped ... H got his first skateboard ... Justin (my cousin), Amy, A & T came to visit ... Docs Beach House for dinner ... Play in ocean ... P.S. Still having a great time.