28 April 2009

Advice from H

C picked some dandelions on the way home from school today. They are his favorite flowers, you know. And they are for his girl-friends. H had a bit of advice for him.

C: Look! These are for E & S.
H: C, you really don't need to do nice things like that for girls.
C: Why?
H: Because, you really need to just leave them alone once in awhile.
Me: Are you talking about the dandelions or the girls?
H: Both ... actually.

C didn't listen. Which is probably good, since H also informed me that he is part of a "club" at school, and as part of this club, they are actually talking to girls again. Hmmm, I didn't know he wasn't talking to girls anymore. Thank goodness I don't count.


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Ana and Tay Tay said...

That's FUNNY! It's already started?!?!?!?!?!