26 October 2018

Moments 10 18 :: Week 04

A brief snow shower came and these two were all about it. First of the season!

C and I went to the Twenty One Pilots concert. I was excited to go with him of course, but was honestly blown away. I totally see them again. It was such a great night.

These two. Always begging.

19 October 2018

Moments 10 18 :: Week 03

Homecoming 2018. H went with a group of friends this year. Pizzas at our house and watching the Brewer game beforehand. He had a blast.

Me and my guy. He decided to wait until 5 minutes before his friends came to actually try on his clothes. Nothing fit. Imagine that. So ended up a little casual IMO, but he said (and his friends agreed when I picked them up) that he was completely appropriately dressed. So fine.

Last JV soccer game was on Monday.

H ended up having the best game yet this season, with the first goal of the game and an assist. The score ended up 2-2.

Such a pretty girl.

This is freaking crazy, but the boys had off of school today so Brian took H on his first college visit. Here we go, I guess!

12 October 2018

Moments 10 18 :: Week 02

C and I were in Schaumburg Saturday & Sunday for the Sockers Tournament. Their team had 2 wins, and a loss. C scored two amazing goals, one of which was a header that he said, rivaled Van Persie's 2014 goal. I was too busy watching in awe as it happened. It was incredible. Unfortunately, during the last few minutes, he fell on his head and really banged it. He was unable to play the second game, but came back the next day and was back on. Meanwhile, H refereed a bunch of games on Saturday, and Brian made it back from the Pablove ride. It's so nice to be back together.

We had stopped at the Japanese grocery store on Saturday, but it's when C's head was throbbing and he didn't have much of an appetite. We had also introduced one of his teammates to it, so we both ended up back there for lunch after the game on Sunday for some ramen.

And this amazing ice cream concoction.

It's been a weird week. Super hot, and now super cold. And kind of rainy. It also brought some fog, however, which I absolutely love. So pretty.

C had his last cross country meet -- probably ever -- on Wednesday. Again, it was raining non-stop the entire day and I fully expected it to be canceled. But no. He ran the course in 14:01, so about a 7 minute mile. Definitely not as fast as he used to be, but holy cow, I think that's amazing. Especially considering he only shows up for meets and doesn't train.

These two kooks.

05 October 2018

Moments 10 18 :: Week 01

C had a soccer game in Oregon, Wisconsin. I was kind of dreading the fall season. At U15, most of the kids are in high school, and some are in 8th grade so they form one team for fall. As it turns out, he's having an absolute blast.

Brian left Saturday for Pablove Across America. Tomorrow (the following Saturday) they pull into Children's Hospital in LA and he comes home Sunday. Yay! It's been a busy few months, and we are looking forward to having him home. What an amazing accomplishment.

The Nicolet JV team played Whitefish Bay on Tuesday. This is always a good game, and they ended up losing 1-2.

Warm October days are the best! The screened-in area of house is one of my favorites.

Taking of advantage of my favorite season with a walk with the dogs.

Cross country meet. C had to miss the last one due to a migraine. Only one more left. Per usual, he hasn't made a single practice. It's so nice they let him do it.