19 October 2018

Moments 10 18 :: Week 03

Homecoming 2018. H went with a group of friends this year. Pizzas at our house and watching the Brewer game beforehand. He had a blast.

Me and my guy. He decided to wait until 5 minutes before his friends came to actually try on his clothes. Nothing fit. Imagine that. So ended up a little casual IMO, but he said (and his friends agreed when I picked them up) that he was completely appropriately dressed. So fine.

Last JV soccer game was on Monday.

H ended up having the best game yet this season, with the first goal of the game and an assist. The score ended up 2-2.

Such a pretty girl.

This is freaking crazy, but the boys had off of school today so Brian took H on his first college visit. Here we go, I guess!

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