02 November 2013



Today, without anyone else from my family in attendance (a broken collarbone for Brian, and lack of training for the boys), I participated in my third tae kwon do tournament. I competed in forms and breaking, coming in 2nd place in both. I'll take it, but I know I could have done better. I knew exactly when my form wasn't perfect and was not surprised by my placement. I tend to get complete stage fright -- I didn't even do forms last time -- so was pleased I got through it without any major issues. My breaks were difficult and awesome (if I do say so myself)-- but I definitely need work on my K'ihap. I should have come in first. I nailed all three (a reverse axe, reverse jump hook, and low back swing kick), but the woman after me just came out loud and confident and won the show. The only way I could have won is if she didn't break one of the boards on her first try. Oh well. Learning all the time and that's part of it.

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