30 May 2008

Flowers For Me

Yesterday I was not in the office and received a mysterious flower delivery. I knew it couldn't be too exciting, so asked one of my co-workers to open it up. They of course they were trying to come up with good stories of who sent it -- like, the crossing guard who called me a "dumb-a**" for running across the street while the walk light was flashing (which, really bothered me by the way, because I'm surprised how unnecessarily mean people can be). But no. I won the weekly flower drawing from the shop downstairs.

Yep, here I am at my desk with my flowers (taken from my built-in computer camera). What? I look tired you say? I am! I'm exhausted. It's gloomy and raining, and our power went out around midnight which meant sleep was very interrupted throughout the night. But, I'm looking forward to a great weekend with tons of fun stuff planned so stay tuned.

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