16 May 2009

Galena Triathlon

We just enjoyed a whirlwind trip to Galena, Illinois. We had never been there before, and I have to say, it was a really neat little town. And the scenery was amazing. It was rolling hills for miles, filled with farms (which I love) and fields. Beautiful. We went with our friends The Frigs to watch Brian and Chris compete in the Galena Triathlon. I have to admit, as beautiful as those rolling hills were to look at, I thought the guys were nuts to ride bikes and run up and down them. And yes, there was a swim! In freezing cold water. Turns out, the water was warmer than the air, so it wasn't too bad. We waited by transition 2 and the finish line to cheer them on. Brian and Chris both looked strong and did really well. Brian finished in 1:57:16. We had a great time. And, I can't wait to get back to Galena some day.

(P.S. We ate dinner at Fried Green Tomatoes, lunch after the race at One Eleven Main and stayed at the Ramada, which was perfect for a night with the kids because they have a huge indoor pool -- however, there are a ton of B&Bs which I'm sure are more charming.)

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