09 May 2009

Home Again

H had his first sleepover last night ... it was at his school. I have to admit, I actually told him at first that I thought he was too young and he couldn't go. But then I overheard him telling a friend that he wasn't going because "my Mom won't let me go," and I felt so bad. And lame. So we left the decision up to him. He was so excited to go. Then, a couple nights ago he got really nervous, and said he didn't want to go anymore. Over the last few days, he was really looking forward to it again, but I still fully anticipated a call in the middle of the night. Brian and C dropped him off because Melissa invited me last minute to the ballet (which was so fun). We woke up this morning -- without any mid-night wake-up calls -- and I couldn't wait to pick him up to find out how it went. And guess what? He had so much fun. They watched movies, played in the gym, went to sleep at 11:30, had pancakes for breakfast. It was a huge success.

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