21 October 2011

And Off He Goes ....

Me and my adorable family at the Project Pablove event a couple weeks ago

I just got back from dropping Brian off at the airport so he could fly to Nashville for the start week 3 of Pablove Across America -- which kicks off tomorrow. I've been watching the dedication videos daily, and my heart hurts more and more. I can't imagine telling your child -- who you've been telling to fight hard and be strong -- to let go, your time has come and we'll all be fine. I just can't. When you look into the eyes of parents who have gone through this, you can't help but notice something a little different about them. Something that says they have seen and know more than they ever should. And the kids fighting cancer! Well, they are just amazing. As we were going to the airport, we saw a Make-A-Wish limo drive by. Yet another person with story -- it happens far too often. We are going to miss Brian a ton during this next week, but are so proud of him. Go Brian! (bpettit.stayclassy.org)

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Mel said...

What an exciting adventure this will be for your entire family to talk about for years to come!! So proud of the man of yours!!