11 September 2015

Last Week in Moments

On the hike on Day 2 of camping. Have been thinking about how fun this weekend was all week.

#1 Troublemaker -- surrounded by the sofa she completely attacked and her very favorite ... decapitated duck toys. She loves those stuffed toys, but within two minutes of getting one, she rips out the squeaker and pulls the head off. We have decapitated duck bodies and heads all around the house.

Brian and I celebrated S I X T E E N years of wedded bliss on Thursday. We aren't big anniversary celebrators, but this year might just go down as the the least romantic ever. Between cross country practice, soccer practices, and parent information night at the boy's school, where we had to divide and conquer 5th and 8th grade for two hours, we didn't even sit down for our crockpot dinner until 8:45pm. Oh well. Sixteen years. I think that's pretty impressive. I honestly cannot imagine my life without this guy. I'm so lucky.

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