07 September 2015

Camping :: Day 3


Day three happened to be my birthday. I've got to be honest, waking up in the woods surrounded by my family and friends was the perfect was to celebrate it. After breakfast burritos, we drove to New Glarus for our annual pilgrimage. Chris & Graham rode their bikes. The surroundings are absolutely gorgeous there. But it's at least 40 miles from the site to New Glarus. It was hot, sunny, and very hilly. I honestly have no idea how they made it. We started at the brewery, then went into town for sausages, desserts and lunch. When we came back to the site, we headed straight for the beach where we spent the rest of the afternoon. We met up again for dinner, and as I walked into the camp site, was greeted by singing and the kids lining the way with sparklers. It was the absolute best. Such a great way to spend a birthday. Lucky me.

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