11 April 2014



For the last few months, C's classroom has been doing this project, where the students can earn (fake) money by doing various jobs around the classroom, and get (fake) money taken away if they don't turn in an assignment, etc. C ended up with the maximum amount they could earn -- $50. Today, they had a marketplace. Each student brought in a homemade item to sell. C chose to make s'mores cookie bars. He charged a whopping $20 a piece. No one thought he'd sell any for that price, so to make it special, he said they had "fancy wrapping." They turned out pretty great, don't you think? (Yes, the baking and wrapping was me -- but the rest was all C.) Buyers were able to spin a wheel to get a discount and he ended up making $100 today. Of course, it was all spent on rice crispy treats, chocolate chip cookies and lollipops.

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