03 April 2015

Last Week in Photos


Most of my photos this week overlapped on this blog, so no need to repost. But one thing I didn't really mention was my great weekend with H! He had a soccer tournament in Schaumburg last weekend, and I was thrilled to get to spend some one-on-one time with him. We left the house at 5am on Saturday (brutal) for a 7:45am, 21 degree game. Saturday's games were rough in so many ways. It was freezing cold, and the teams they played were really incredible. In between games on Saturday, H and I went to IKEA. Crazy, but I haven't been there since we moved. That night, we had a team dinner, then crashed. We were so absolutely tired, it wasn't even funny. The next day, H didn't have a game until 2:25pm, so we were able to relax, then went to Mitsuwa. Another place I really miss. We split some ramen (we made it there before a HUGE line formed) and then had soft serve green tea ice cream cones. Yum. Fortunately, the afternoon game was much better than the previous day. Afterwards, we headed home. After a great week with C, it was so awesome getting to spend some time with H too.

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