02 April 2015

Jelly Belly


We have been laying low this spring break. Besides the fact that our schedules after the break are absolutely insane and it feels good to unwind a little, we did just get back from incredible adventures, after all. Today we were meeting our tax person at Grandma's house, so decided to take a little detour to Pleasant Prairie to visit the Jelly Belly Warehouse. Due to spring break and Easter, the wait was a little bit long. But in less than an hour, we were on our "train" buzzing through the warehouse. The tour wasn't much of anything, but it was fun sampling different jelly beans at the end. I had Chili Mango, Champagne and Beer! The facility it set to close in the future, so I'm glad we fit it in. Plus, the boys had a good time, and I caved and got them a bag of Jelly Belly Flops -- our favorites.

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