03 September 2009

Brave Little Bugger

Next week, C will start school as an "afternooner." It's a big deal in his Montessori world, and he's so excited. Instead of taking a nap, he'll be in the classroom until 2:30 every day. In our care, he hasn't taken an official nap for about a year. But this doesn't mean he doesn't sleep. Daily, at some point he just crashes. On the sofa. On the floor. Wherever. Little dude needs his rest! After class gets out at 2:30, he will go to child care -- there really won't be much opportunity for him to sleep. It should be interesting.

On another note, today was a big day. C started speech again. His teacher said he really matured over the summer and did a great job. It was encouraging to hear. He also went to the doctor -- and had to get four (4!) shots. Didn't even cry. What a brave little guy.

Update: The shots are kicking his little bootie. He has a 102 fever and even got sick last night. Which he decided to tell H about at 2:00 a.m. I hope he feels better soon.


kswen said...

Wow! Four shots and no tears. What a champ! That boy better be getting the "I'm Special" plate tonight.

Angela said...

He didn't have an appetite for dinner so no special plate. But he got to eat grapes in our bed. Does that count?

Heidi said...

Oh, the things to look forward to... It doesn't seem like it, but C and Ted are only 9 months apart. I can't believe my baby boy goes to school next year... and I can't wait!

Hope little guy feels better soon!