04 May 2012

Milwaukee Art Museum

????? (forgot to write it down)

Nancy, 1968

The Green House, Murnau, 1911
Street at Schöneberg City Park, 1912-13

Dandelion, 1970 & Untitled, 1970

Homage to the Square-Early Rising, 1961
Josef Albers (I'm a big fan of his wife, Anni's, work too)
Paysage (Landscape), 1952

I've mentioned before, that one of my favorite places in the world is the Milwaukee Art Museum. Despite the fact that we are members, I haven't been since summer. When the boys went back to school in the fall, one thing on my to-do list was to visit the museum. By myself. Do you think that ever happened? Of course not. So the beginning of this week, I told myself that today would be the day I went there. I can't remember the last time I've wandered the museum by myself, and I left wondering why I don't do it more. It's beyond inspiring, and kind of my happy place. The museum has an excellent collection, ranging from a mummy coffin dating 500-250 BC, to current works. But my favorite pieces, by far, are the photorealism paintings, their collection contemporary artwork and German Expressionism pieces. I honestly think I could live in the Mrs. Harry L. Bradley Collection wing. I also caught the last few days of the Accidental Genius exhibit, which was quite inspirational, featuring self-taught artists. Some of them didn't even start painting until 41 or in their 70s. Amazing. I only spent a couple hours there, but wish I could go back tomorrow. Honestly, it was an excellent day in so many ways.

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