27 November 2015



I started Thanksgiving morning with a really fun group WOD at CrossFit. Afterwards, I had about 10 minutes at home before we left to go to my parents. We dropped the dogs off, then went the country club where we met my sister, cousin and their families for some platform tennis. It was such a blast. So much fun! Afterwards, we cleaned up, then it was time to meet up again for the big feast. My parents hosted this year. The day was filled with whipped cream fights, poker and other shenanigans, but also just appreciating how much we have to be thankful for. We spent the night there, which seems kind of funny considering they don't live that far away -- but it really makes for a nice evening since we don't need to rush home afterwards. The next day, my uncle and cousin came over. We haven't seen them in really long time. Too long, to be honest. Brian and H had to leave for a bike ride, but the rest of us reconvened for brunch with Skip & Brad. Early in the afternoon, it was time for us to leave and go Christmas tree shopping. Bring on the holidays!

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