31 January 2010

Ski Weekend

We went to Wisconsin this weekend to take the boys skiing at Cascade. They were so excited. They spent the morning in ski school. We went a couple times last year, and figured they could use a refresher. H did really great. According to C's "report card" from class, he did good too. But each time we spied on him, he was doing something more like this:

He'd seriously wait like this until an instructor walked by and picked him up.
By having the boys in ski school, Brian and I had some time to ourselves to test out our new skis (our Christmas present to each other). They were awesome!
After ski school, we took the boys on some of the other runs (besides only the magic carpet area and bunny hill).
H wanted me to take some pictures to show his teacher.
This one's just for her. He specifically asked for me to take this one to show her what the hills look like.
H was confident going down by himself. In fact, Brian took him alone on the last run, and was a bit nervous because he was going so fast. H said he was in control. But he did have a big crash on the bottom. C still needed a bit of support.
Overall, both did really well. We put in a full day, and can't wait to go again in a few weeks.

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Katharine said...

Love the pics! So sweet H remembered! Mr. K and I went skiing a few weeks ago and were amazed at the little ones skiing down the hills. H & C look adorabable in their skis. Tell him I can't wait to hear about it tomorrow! Thanks for sharing :)