15 March 2010

Blast Off

Awhile back, we were at the toy store buying birthday presents. C spotted the Marky Sparky Blast Pad Advanced Missile Launch System and has been obsessing over it ever since. Like he does. On many occasions.

Anyhow, we had to go back to the toy store over the weekend and went while H was at soccer. Just the two of us. And as soon as I mentioned we were going there, he brought up the rocket toy again and how he just had to have it.

Now, we really don't buy our kid's a lot of stuff, but they are not deprived by any means. Unless you are looking at the picture above and notice the holes in H's pants. Then you might think I'm lying and that they truly are lacking in some basic necessities. But not really. Those just happen to be his favorite pants -- believe you me, they are on their way out the door. Very soon.

Back to Blast Pad. C wanted this thing so bad, so I told him he could have it -- if he bought it himself. So he did (after I lectured him on how he could be saving his money for a car when he's older, or spending it on toys now -- he obviously picked the now). He got money out of his piggy bank and paid me back. And I took it, because no way am I giving in. No way. So far they seem to be having a great time with it. Hopefully the trade-off was worth it. In any case, C is very proud of his new purchase.

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Anonymous said...

As a kid I would have wanted one too. Not sure if my Mother would have made me pay for it...booo!