10 March 2010

In the Classroom

Tonight is the night that is always one of my favorites at C's Montessori school -- Parent Child Night. For one hour, we get to go into the classroom and sit down with our children while they show us some of their favorite works. C spent most of the time writing down his numbers to 100, but he also showed us word boxes, spiral cutting and pouring. It's always fun to see how they've progressed since last year.


kswen said...

Oh my. Is that boy precious or what? I love the concentration. And the sideburns.

Angela said...

He's something else, that's for sure. By the way, he selected the top photo himself for the blog. He liked it -- because of the little red-headed (adorable, if I do say so) girl holding her little pink skirt in the background. He said "it's silly."