17 March 2010

Under the Knife

Today was the big day -- Storm's surgery. Everything seemed to go well. Let's cross our fingers for a healthy biopsy. Poor guy is so groggy. He's just walking around crying, and his legs are slipping out from under him a bit. It's so pathetic.

Here he is trying on his new cone. He doesn't like it. Not one little bit. But I know he'll be chewing away at those stitches if I don't put it on him tonight. I hope he sleeps ok with it. He's "between sizes" so it's absolutely giant on him.

If you get grossed out by stitches and stuff, you better close your browser now. Because we are all about documentation here.

Poor, poor guy! He'll be like this for 10 days. Then back to normal like nothing ever happened.

UPDATE (03.23.10)
Just got the call from the vet and his prognosis is looking good. No cancer, which is a huge relief. There were atypical cells that were cloning quickly. But it seems that it was a common bump, that should have gone down, and didn't. Instead it was inflamed, and probably infected. So, it stinks we all had to go through this, but the results couldn't have been better.


Mel said...

Poor Storm. I am sure everything will be fine. He is so lucky to have you.

Penny said...

poor doggy! he will be up and running in no time!