07 March 2010

Weekend at Home

Here's H, relaxing in his room. He even put the "Enter, do not" sign up. I think we all needed a bit of piece and quiet this weekend. Oh, it was still busy. There was a bowling birthday party for C. He ended up not wanting to stay so we went grocery shopping, then went back to the party to pick up his friend who was coming over for a play date. There was the mall, where I caved and got a new phone. Finally. There was another batch of macarons gone wrong. Thankfully they still taste good, but they were pretty disastrous. I'm going to master these things yet. Also this weekend, I finally made it to the gym for the first time since July to go swimming. Today, I went on a 5.375 mile run. It seems to me that we really haven't had a lot of weekends when we are at home -- all four of us. It felt good. And now, it's time for me to snuggle up on the couch and finish watching the Academy Awards.

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Mel said...

More than anyone I know...you all needed and deserved a relaxing week-end at home!!!