25 January 2012

Star of the Week


A couple weeks ago, the Artist of the Week. And now, the Star of the Week. C is on Cloud Nine. He brought in a few of his favorite things, some photos, and got to put them on display in his classroom. Even the beloved blanket has been making it's way to school every day (but comes home at night). But today was extra special because I got to visit him! I read his favorite book, There's a Mouse About the House, to the class. And then we had cupcakes I made! C was very particular about them -- I blame it on the fact that he has a summer birthday and doesn't celebrate in school -- but we ended up with chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with strawberry frosting and star sprinkles. They were a big hit. It was such a great day. (By the way, C really wanted me to post the funny photo of him and the yawning Storm dog ... Goof ball.)

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Mel said...

I love that he brought in your christmas house! Yay for one of my fav boys!!