22 January 2012

Ice Skating


Right next door to the boy's school, there is a pond that gets flooded in the winter for ice skating. Because of the mild season, yesterday was the first day the rink was open. The boy's got ice skates for Christmas, so of course we had to go try them out after dinner. In 2nd grade, the kids use the rink for gym class. So when H ran into a few of his friends from school, they were skating circles around him -- but totally took him under the wings and we barely saw him all night long. Even C got in the mix. He was so determined and never gave up -- it was pretty awesome. Two hours later, Brian and I had enough, and took to sitting around the fire in the warming house, while the boys were still skating around with their friends. Hope to get to spend a lot more time here. Can you believe how lucky we are to have this? (P.S. It's free! But you do need to have your own ice skates.)


Mel said...

I thought this rink was a highlight of our tour! Such and amazing an amenity to have!

Ali said...

I was hoping for lots of pics! Looks awesome! We will have to go. Not sure if A is too young but would love to try!