27 March 2015

Last Week in Photos

Brian was in Spain for his birthday this year. Fortunately, he had been traveling a ton, so I was able to work on (and finally finish the day before he got home) this paint-by-number for him. Originally, I thought it was just a quirky little something. But let me tell you, these things are no joke.

While in Spain, H & Brian got to tour the Real Madrid facilities and H got his photo taken with Ronaldo (and a green screen) // Someone brought chalk to the playground, and there was a ton of great art all over the playground when I had recess/lunch duty

H had his last volleyball game. He did really well, and was bummed he didn't get to play as much the last week. So he decided to just stretch out on two chairs and make himself comfortable // C's class had some anolis and were giving them up for adoption this week. We escaped having them as permanent pets, but are petsitting for his friend's two - "Lizard" and "Lips" - and their cricket friends.

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