11 March 2016

Last Week in Moments

It was gorgeous out over the weekend. We went over to the soccer club on Sunday to get some ball time in.

H made a delicious beef stew for dinner. Completely on his own. It was pretty amazing. C had made a cake the day before. I picked out the recipe for him, so he wasn't a big fan. It was a raw chocolate layer cake with ganache and caramel. I loved it.

On Tuesday, H left for his 8th grade class trip to Washington DC. Brian was gone the Thursday before through Wednesday (the day after H left). H comes home tonight, and I just cannot wait to get my people back together! I haven't heard too much from H, but it seems like they are super busy, he's really tired, and they are having a great time.

Spring in the air and Gretel is crazy. I always keep one of these stuffed birds around in case of emergency. Within 5 minutes, she always pulls the squeaker out, then works on pulling off the head and feet. We have bit and pieces of these birds laying all around our house.

C and I had a date on Thursday! We went to Belair, and had a great time. Unfortunately, even though Brian got home the night before, he had a dinner meeting already so couldn't join us. He's been really busy lately. Too busy.

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