25 January 2015

Weekend with the Frigs


It's been awhile since we've seen our friends The Frigs, so when they proposed getting together for the weekend, we were thrilled. The plan was to go ice skating and skiing, but our winter wonderland weekend was foiled by the warmer weather. Instead, we went hiking. For Christmas, my cousin's daughter got a horse this year, and we've been dying to meet her. Since we were heading out that direction, we thought we'd see if they were out at the stables, and they were! So we got the added bonus of getting to meet Sugar too. How exciting is that? H said he could have spent all day out at the stables. We'll have to go back. Afterwards, we hit up the Lagrange General Store for some food, then the John Muir trails in Kettle Moraine for a little hike. Along the way, someone had built a bunch of tiny snowmen. It was so cute. We had a pretty low-key evening and morning. It was just so great to get to see them.

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