09 May 2010

Mother's Day 2010

What a gorgeous Mother's Day! I'm hoping all the lovely mothers I know are having/had a great day -- especially my mom and mother-in-law. Brian's out of town, so the boys took it in their own hands to surprise me. They woke me up at 6:19 a.m. with breakfast in bed. Rice Krispies with strawberries have never tasted so good. H made me a flower pot with some seeds in it, and C made a book mark and candle. H also wrote me a poem. It goes like this:

You are funny,
You act like a shoe.
Happy Mother's Day,
Cock a doodle doo!

In the card was also a flower with words about me on each leaf. They are: Great, Kind, Loving, Smart, Cook, Firm. But that wasn't all. The boys took me out for lunch. I had to drive, but they picked the restaurant -- The Depot -- and we had a wonderful lunch together. Our nice server even comped me donuts and wished me a happy mother's day. Very sweet. We spent some time in the garden, so H & C are already bathed and PJed at 5:00. I'm hoping for a relaxing evening ahead to end an almost perfect (we miss Brian) day.

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Mel said...

Happy Mother's Day! It looks like your kids took amazing care of you today!