17 May 2010

Field Trip with H

I had such an amazing day -- I chaperoned H's field trip to the Swedish American Museum and Brunk Children's Museum of Immigration. For two years now, he's been begging me to come on a field trip. Sadly, this was the first I was able to do, and I'm not sure who was more excited about it -- him or me. We took the train, which meant we had over an hour's journey including a transfer and an 11-block hike both ways. But the kids were awesome, and there were plenty of chaperones keeping tab on things. The day went very smoothly. H & his friend M were pretty excited to pass Wrigley Field (they play t-ball together).

(Look at H, making sure I haven't left his side....)

The kids learned the proper way to greet people in Swedish -- the girls curtsied and the boys tipped their hats and bowed. We might have to try this at home.

We got to see inside a typical Swedish home from back in the 1800s. Here are the kid's sitting around the dining room table. I was standing against the other back wall. Can you imagine? We also learned that many people slept while sitting up. The idea of that is still haunting me.

The kids got to "sail" to America. Here's H with his passport.

Bon voyage! See you on the other side.

We learned that it cost a year's salary to cross the ocean to America. And that the journey was long and hard. They were able to bring minimal supplies (see the recommended list above -- but who could fit all of that in one trunk?).

The museum is really pretty cool, and the tour guides were great. I think this stuff is fascinating. But, if you are ever in Andersonville, stop on by. The kids were absolutely great to be with today. I think 2nd grade is just a really fun age -- of course, I keep saying that at every step along the way. Thanks H, for letting me spend the day with you!

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