13 May 2010

Chairman's Reception

My boss, Jim, is also the Chairman of the Frank Lloyd Wright Preservation Trust. It's a huge, big, giant deal. And this weekend is the enormous Wright Plus house walk. To kick it off, tonight was the Chairman's Reception, and I was lucky enough to be invited. Since Brian's out of town, I invited my other better half -- Melissa -- who, as it turns out, also has a husband out of town. The reception was at the George D. Webb House, where we got to indulge in sangrias and appetizers from Maya del Sol. It was a great night.


Marian said...

Are you a Frank Lloyd Wright fan, Angie?( If you are and ever make your way over to western PA, you'll have to see Fallingwater and Kentuck Knob, both near my parents' house.)

Mel said...

Thanks for taking me Ang! It was delightful. Thanks for classing up this girl from the Fitzgerald's side of OP!

Have you ever seen Kentuck Knob? I think it is utterly divine!

Angela said...

I have not been, but would certainly love to some day.